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Millennium Plastics has earned the trust of hundreds of clients with our expertise in custom tank fabrication services. We only use the best automated fabrication equipment and CAD tools to produce storage tanks.

Plastic Tanks

Working closely with the clients’ designs or written requirements, Millennium Plastics creates the following types of tanks:

Holding Tanks

To accommodate various fluid storage needs. Our engineers focus on the structural load expectations, such as fluid weight and stress distributions for a perfectly calibrated product. Plastic tanks that serve as containers for chemicals and other liquids are created to meet certain specifications.

The precision of manufacturing operations depends on the tanks’ ability to withstand constant exposure to the said substances for extended durations. Depending on the industry’s requirements, the technical specifications and physical attributes, such as size and shape, may vary. Our creations can withstand constant contact with harsh, corrosive chemicals without allowing them to leach out.

Day Tanks

Specialized constructs for hazardous waste handling systems. These are perfect for biomedical and pharmaceutical facilities. Moreover, with custom plating, we ensure our tanks always meet the specifications of the biomedical or pharmaceutical organization in question.

Our Plating Products

  • Chemical Storage Tank

  • Fume Hood

  • Tank Liner

  • Tradeshow Display Tank

  • Water Cooling Tank

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